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Philippine storm toll tops 1,000


Many of you will have heard of the terrible Typhoon which has left over 1000 dead and hundred’s still missing. Government and large agencies have been seeking to deal with the relief efforts but the task is enormous as thousands are left homeless and most have completely lost their livelihood due to the storm. That will take several years to recover. Water in wells and other sources has become contaminated & disease is now rife.

Cubao Reformed Baptist Church has been contacted by some pastors in the area asking for help. We are putting together a team and supplies are being sent to the area. We hope to also organize a small medical team to help with the vast medical needs.

However our main requirement is finances. If you are able to help please see:

As we celebrate Christmas and the New Year let us all remember that many will not be celebrating but suffering.

Brian T. Ellis (Pastor)
Cubao Reformed Baptist Church
and Christian Compassion Ministries