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A Visitor's View

We asked two of our visitors Sophie Hemmings and Angie Pike to describe something of life in CCM.

When we think of the girls’ home we think of: fun, bright colours, laughter, noise, food, games and warmth. Within the first five minutes you will be asked about your education, family, marital status, favourite food and what you already think about the Philippines as well as being taught some Tagalog! The home is so welcoming and there is a real sense of family. As a visitor you are accepted into the big, crazy family and made to feel like another sister. It is easy to quickly become attached to the children and to really care for them. 

These are some photos of Lea’s home before arriving at CCM Homes. Seeing Lea’s home was humbling and helped me to realise what the girl’s had been through and where they had come from. The rooms were piled up on the side of a busy road. It was messy, noisy, dirty, polluted with no amenities. Lea started talking about how she felt after her home visit, she was sad, emotional and shocked to see the conditions they were living in. Seeing the contrast made me realise what important and life changing ministry CCM Homes are giving.

Filipinos are warm, friendly, generous, fun-loving, hospitable and full of laughter. They are very proud of their culture and country and love the opportunity to take visitors to beautiful parts of the countryside and experience life in the provinces.
They love parties, birthdays and eating. You will eat mountains of rice, sweet spaghetti, fast food and probably be asked to take the balut challenge! Filipinos are very giving and this is shown when the church eats together every Sunday. 
The teenagers love to dance, sing and perform traditional and modern Filipino dances. We were really impressed with their performing skills!