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A Visitor's View

What were you expecting before coming to the Philippines?

Before arriving I had this idea of complete 3rd world poverty.

What did you find when you arrived here? 

Manila is one of the fastest-developing cities in the world, yet it is a city of contrasts. The rich live right next to the poor - it’s a sad image that you never really get used to.

Reuben giving devotionWhat was your own personal involvement in CCM?

I helped in the offices weekdays; lead many devotions for the children, parents and staff; volunteered in camps and seminars. Influencing the kids was also a vital role; I hope I didn’t lead them astray!!

Did you enjoy it?

The greatest experience I’ve ever had. Yes!

What did you learn?

I’ve learnt much about myself since I’ve been here. Mission work had a very different connotation in my mind before I came to CCM. I’ve learnt to rely on God more than ever. Towards the end of my stay I felt God’s guidance become clearer and his presence grow nearer.

What’s your overall impression of CCM?

CCM is amazing!

What was the most encouraging thing you saw in CCM?

Not only do the social workers and house-parents devote their lives to this ministry, it has become a family for the children. CCM is not a day-care centre. It maintains enthusiasm and love for all under their responsibility.

What was the most discouraging thing you saw in CCM?

Runaways! It breaks your heart to see children running away from the homes and later end up in trouble. It’s something which leads to sincere regret on both sides.

How would you encourage people back home to pray?

The Bible is daily brought to the children. This can lead to competitive head-knowledge when all the time a heart-knowledge is left empty. Please pray that eyes would be fixed on Jesus!

Reuben Saywell