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CCM Focus day
posted 15 July 2014 17:38
A brand new CCM event happening in the UK this November!


posted 15 July 2014 17:36
The latest CCM update is now available here.


Various posts (most recent 19 July 2014)
This page has updates about relief efforts following super typhoon Haiyan 

posted 22 April 2014 17:34
The latest CCM update is now available here.


posted 4 February 2014 09:38
The latest CCM update is now available here.


posted 26 October 2013 20:10
We are very sad to report the death of Noelyn Cervantes, one of the girls in the CCM homes. Noelyn, 20 years old, was part of Faith House, staying with 2 other young ladies in a room on top of the children's homes (whilst their normal home is being repaired).

posted 17 October 2013 21:04
The latest CCM update is now available here.


posted 17 October 2013 20:49
Why not give a different present this Christmas? Buy a gift for a friend and help CCM at the same time.

posted 27 July 2013 20:30
The latest CCM update is now available here.


Boys Home project
posted 6 July 2013 23:01
Thank God that we are now 13% of the way to having a new boys home.

posted 24 June 2013 18:11
We asked Reuben Saywell, a visitor from the UK, about his time in the Philippines with CCM.

Read what he said here

posted 26 April 2013 21:33
The latest CCM update is now available here.


posted 26 April 2013 21:15
Could you commit to praying for CCM every day for 1 month? This Daily Prayer email tool might help you.

posted 29 Jan 2013 18:33
The latest edition is now available for download here.
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posted 31 Dec 2012 23:40 
Many of you will have heard of the terrible Typhoon which has left over a thousand dead and hundred’s still missing. Government and large agencies have been seeking to deal with the relief efforts but the task is enormous as thousands are left homeless and most have completely lost their livelihood due to the storm. That will take several years to recover. Water in wells and other sources has become... Read More

posted 20 Oct 2012 16:30 
We had great opportunities to provide medical assistance to our less fortunate friends from the community and in the countryside on the 14th and 21st of September through Medical Missions. As with all CCM does, the gospel is central, and those benifiting from free medical care also had the chance to hear the gospel...