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Children's homes

CCM run 5 homes, which care for a total of around 50 children. The children are referred to CCM due to having been neglected, abused and/or orphaned. 

The homes offer a safe Christian environment, where the children feel accepted. Through the generosity of sponsors, CCM is able to provide for the daily needs of the children such as food, clothing and medical care. All the school needs of the child are also catered for, something they would never have been able to afford if they weren’t in CCM. They also benefit from many other activities.

House parents care for between 10 and 15 children in each home. There are social workers who monitor the children’s progress, as well as providing Biblical counseling and advice where necessary.

The homes do not only care for the children’s physical, educational and social needs, but also for their spiritual well-being. There are nightly devotions led by the staff, and the children also attend the church services, Sunday school and various other activities of CRBC. It is at the homes that most of these children first learn about Jesus and their need for salvation.

More information about each home:

        Girlshomes (3 houses)

        Group home


Because so many of the children were abused, the social workers often need to help in court cases, seeking justice for those who committed such horrific crimes against the children. The social workers also oversee new admissions of children as well as helping the children in their longer-term plans.

“However he left the stock room door open, so Annie was able to escape. She ran and ran as fast as she could. She ran away from the market place, making sure that the bald man would not find her again.”

Read the full story of Annie, one of the CCM children.

Children are normally admitted between the age of 3 and 9, and CCM commits to caring for them right through until they graduate. Read the encouraging story of one of CCM’s first children, Joy Putal, who graduated, became a Christian, and joined the CCM staff team (page 8 of this update).