Sponsor an event

We are praying that individuals or churches would come forward willing to sponsor the following events (a one-off commitment):

Sports day (EAP & homes)
£180   US$280


Thanksgiving for graduates (Homes)
£300   US$470 

Educational field trip (Homes)
£380   US$580 

EAP Assemblies
£445   US$690

20th Anniversary Thanksgiving

Skills training (Homes)
Skills Training (homes)
£450   US$700

20th Anniversary Thanksgiving

Teenage camp (Homes) £500   US$770

Biblical Parenting seminar (EAP)
£500   US$770


Summer youth camp (EAP)
£2000   US$3000 


If you or your church would like more information about sponsoring an event please contact us.

NB: If your chosen event this year is already sponsored, we will contact you about allocating your donation to the following year's event.