On the streets (WH)

The Work for the Homeless (WH), allows children who sleep on the street to receive the same help the children in the slums receive.

Homeless people have very special needs, and there are very few people who are seeking to help. They are on the streets for a huge variety of reasons: many because of drugs or alcohol abuse, others because they are too lazy to find work, some because they have been in jail meaning no-one will employ them. In addition there are also the mentally or physically ill, as well as those who have been abandoned by a spouse and left with children to care for and no means of earning money. 

CCM is helping some of these families through the Educational Assistance Programme, enabling street children to go to school. When a family cannot even afford a corrugated iron shack, they definitely cannot think of funding a child’s education. Medical and legal aid is also often needed, and a Social Worker is assigned to work full time with the homeless in Cubao.

This work with the homeless has grown out of the evangelistic work amongst the street people at the Drop-In Centre