Other Activities

eap campAs well as the Educational Assistance Programme, the Community Development programme also offers the following programmes, services and activities to those in the slums or on the streets.

EAP Camp

All the teenagers in the EAP have the opportunity to go on an annual youth camp. Here there is good food, a bed to sleep on, fun games, and good Bible teaching.

DVBS (Holiday Bible club)

The younger children in the EAP are invited to the church's annual DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School), or holiday Bible club, for about 300 children. There are songs, memory verses, good teaching and activities. We thank God that so many children from the slums have attended this each year.

Youth meetings and Youth Organisation

There are regular youth meetings held for those in the EAP, helping teach them both in practical things, and from the Bible. There is even a Youth Organisation made up of those supported by CCM, who meet regularly and have various responsibilities within CCM. The full-time Youth Worker of CRBC helps co-ordinate these activities.

Income-generating projects

We want to see the parents become more and more self reliant and not just dependent on CCM. The income generating project seeks to give families a livelihood, and ways to provide for themselves.

Calamity Assistance

Sadly life in the slums is thwarted with problems that cost a lot of money: children are hospitalised, family members die and need burying, fires break out in the slums – families loose everything, floods wash away whole communities leaving people with nothing but the wet clothes on their back... So how can we help these people? CCM has a ‘Calamity Assistance Fund', which is used in such situations. Having helped these people often for many years it is possible for CCM to offer the help to those who most need it. After typhoon Ketsana, Haiyan and many other typhoons, hundreds of families have been helped through the use of this fund to purchase re-construction materials, basic commodities, Bibles, and gospel opportunities.

Parents’ Association and Area Coordinators

We long to see those in the slum areas helping themselves - so we have a "Parents’ Association", made up of parents of children in the EAP. They take an active lead in helping monitor the children and liaising with CCM, along with area coordinators who also play a crucial role in emergency situations.

In the past years, we have tried to organize the parents to be able to help us in CCM. We started to appoint leaders in the different slum areas.  A series of leadership training programs and seminars were conducted with the community leaders. We named them Parents Associations.  Amongst them we saw their potentials and capabilities, then started to think of a project called "Basahan" (making cleaning rags) but it didn't last that long due to a health hazard caused by fibres. We then thought of another project again but unfortunately it only lasted for 3 months. Then after a year we began to sell rice since this is the staple food here in the Philippines.  We wanted them to be legalised for selling rice and felt it was a must to be government registered.

We thank the Lord for His goodness, in the past few years, a project selling rice has been registered local government. Since the funds are limited, they are just selling rice to the CCM recipients, but are hoping eventually to sell on a larger scale to more consumers. We have committed area leaders who are handling the work. Anyone who is under the Educational Assistance Program can be a member of the Cooperative. The plan is that God willing those involved will be helped to stand on their own without the help of CCM in the future.

Joining Cubao Reformed Baptist Church's Holiday Bible Club